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All About Palais Menara


The tale started in the year 2000, when Moulay, a young ambitious Moroccan with years of experience in the Souks of Marrakech, made an observation; no store were providing the premium and high-end handicrafts products that the customers at that time were looking for.
So he gathered the most skilled artisans in Marrakesh and its surroundings, to start producing traditional Moroccan furnitures and interior decorations, and made Palais Menara a high end shop providing impeccable quality and service combined.


Tailor-made products

After 22 years of hard work, collaborations, making our clients most desired products we learned the requiered know how and we mastered our processes  to conceptualize and make the most intricated designs in Wood, Brass, resine and other materials. 
We're proud to say that today we can easily create tailor mae and art pieces when asked to. 

This Is Us

Customers satisfaction is our guide line.  we  take it as a major responsability to guarantee the quality of raw materials, the making processes  and delivery in perfect conditions.
We  do our best to provide our clients with the necessary  guidance to take care of  the products and we make sure to be always available to respond and assist when needed.


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